Omari Writings
Inspirational Poetry


Marilyn D. Donahue

The Other Side

On the other side, 
There are no more tears,
There are no more pains 
And there are no more fears.

On the other side, 
We will never cry,
We will never hate,
We will never die.

It Should Have Been Me

It should have been me,
But You died in my place.
The weight of my sins
Required Holy grace.

It should have been me,
But You gave me a plan,
To change my old ways
And become a new man.

It should have been me,
But You saved my lost soul.
Now I have a heart
That is humble, yet bold.

It should have been me,
But Your love was so great,
It covered my sins,
Now I stand at the gate.


Sometimes I feel lonely
That I just don't belong,
And God whispers to me
"I'll help you to be strong."

Sometimes I feel angry
When people aren't just,
And God whispers and asks
"Just where is your trust?"

Sometimes I feel helpless
When I see the tears,
And God whispers and says
"Go, help calm the fears."

Sometimes I feel tired 
Of running this race,
And God whispers to me
"Hold on to your faith."

Sometimes when I'm feeling
That God isn't near,
Then He whispers and says
"I'm always right here."

The Winds of Cares

The winds of cares are different
From the normal winds outside,
These are cares within our lives,
From which we cannot hide.

Some winds are situations
That may cause our minds to stray – 
Away from those decisions
That we know we need to make.

Then other winds will toss us
To and fro until we heed,
And give in to their nudges
With the acts of carnal deeds.

Some winds in our lives are caused
By things we can’t control,
That’s when we depend on God
To fix it and make it whole.

We should not get so caught up 
In the cares of mortal man.
We won’t live here forever,
We need to do just what we can;

To maintain or daily lives
And our spirituality;
To live as God has taught us,
That we may spend eternity –

With Him who is our Maker,
Our Comforter and Guide.
The winds of cares will pass away
Through life on the other side.

That Sunrise

  I've never seen a sunrise
Like the one I saw today,
It made me see the splenor
Of God's majestic array,

  The colors of the spectrum
Were no match for that display.
The hues I saw this morning,
Have truly not yet been made.

  There were no words to describe
The way it made me feel.
There was a sense of humbling
Which my spirit had to yield.

  The quietness of morning
Reminded me of my soul;
That God will work within us
When we let Him take control.

If I would ever see God
Beyond my physical eyes,
And see Him with my spirit,
He was there in that sunrise.