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Marilyn D. Donahue

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Thank You, My Friend

There's much we have in common
From our lives we've led each day,
To the values that we treasure;
God knew your path would cross my way.

You helped me through a tough time,
'Cause you knew where I was then;
A place that you had seen before,
A place that I had never been.

We share a kindred spirit,
Sisters, we could truly be,
With common understanding
Of the things in life we see.

Thank you for encouragement,
And a gentle listening ear,
Thank you for your caring
And for being a friend so dear.

Holding On

Scripture tells us of one thing,
That all things will pass away.
They won’t last here forever,
They will turn to dust, decay.

From every tree and mountain;,
To each item we possess.
We need some things to live here,
But in things, we find no rest.

Possessions we hold on to
Are just borrowed for a time.
We use them for our pleasure,
But we will leave them behind.

One thing we should remember
And we must not be deceived,
We came here holding nothing
And with nothing we will leave.

We all are traveling pilgrims
On a journey passing through.
We have to endure this life
To receive a life that’s new.

We will become new creatures,
Not with flesh of mortal man.
Our bodies will be Spirit;
With new face, new eyes, new hands.

There will be no more worries
About things to hold on to.
Our Spirits will be shielded
From the earth that we once knew.

Angels Wings

Once I became a Christian,
God chose Angels just for me,
I didn't understand at first,
 But I slowly began to see;

That God sent them for a reason,
To guard my mind and guard my soul;
To keep me from those dangers
Which I've yet to see unfold.

I cannot see my Angels,
Though I know that they are there,
They cover and surround me
With their wings of love and care.

Angel's wings are light enough
To neither be heard nor seen,
But strong enough o shield me
From whatever the world might bring.

Some things I know, I'll never see,
And some things I'll never know,
But faith allows me to depend
On what God says must be so;

'Cause I know He won't put on me
Any more than I can bear;
Even though it may seem hard,
I must go to Him in prayer.

I know that He will hear me
And He will know just what to do;
He'll send more Angels to my side
And they'll help me make it through;

Until I get my own wings,
Then I'll be able to be,
An Angel for another soul
Who will need to be set free.