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“Reflections From Within” is a culmination of contemplative poems written from my perspective on the things that we go through in life and the thoughts of eternity on the other side.
"Words Of Times Past" is a compilation of my favorite poems from my previous books. The spectrum of stories in these poems, examines a variety of experiences that may be relevant for each of us; from our trials and disappointments to love and from the right now to eternity.
"Light From Above" is a collection of inspirational poems that will leave an impression on your way of thinking and encourage you to reflect on your spiritual race. These poems also challenge us to look beyond the physical and try to view life through spiritual eyes.
"Poetry To Stir The Soul"  is a collection of poems written to stimulate the heart and mind, each touching a different part of our being.  These poems are the songs of our lives - songs of the way we respond to others and how we look at ourselves.
"Whispers of Faith" is a collection of poems written to generate a sense of knowing that no matter what circumstance you may be going through, there is Someone who is able to help you get through it. These poems challenge us to reflect on the paths we have taken as well as the path in which we are headed.

"Poetic Moments in Time" explores the spiritual possibilities of the unknown and is an examination of things past and the hope of things yet to be seen.  It also points to the realization that God is in control and that everything happens for a reason.
" My Poetic Journey Home" is a compilation of poems that explores the realm beyond this physical life to one of spiritual rebirth and eternity.
"Poetic Praise on Bended Knees" is a compilation of inspirational poems that acknowledge the goodness of God and the blessings that he has bestowed upon mankind.